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Alumina and Bauxite Industry Outlook Report

HARBOR Intelligence produces the most exhaustive, detailed, relevant and yet executive analysis and outlook of the global alumina and bauxite industry and market. Under the leadership of James F. King, considered the global guru of the alumina and bauxite industry, our staff studies the entire alumina and bauxite supply chain in order to identify what is moving the industry and construct the most probable scenario ahead.

Our Alumina/Bauxite Intelligence Report is updated monthly and will provide you with unparallel and most accurate alumina and bauxite industry data points and forecasts. These include detailed global bauxite mine industry output costs data and forecasts, alumina refinery industry output cost data and forecasts, output expansions (mine by mine, refinery by refinery, smelter by smelter), global trade intelligence for bauxite and alumina activity, third party demand and supply for bauxite and alumina data and forecasts, regional, spot and contract alumina and bauxite price data and forecasts.

Our Alumina/Bauxite Intelligence Report is the best summary of the intelligence we get from analyzing, talking to and serving the entire aluminum industry supply chain around the globe. We get valuable intelligence by talking to producers, traders, investors, regulators and consumers of bauxite, alumina, ALF3, carbon, energy and aluminum, as well as government agencies, hedge funds and investors.