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Aluminum Consulting Services

Expert Consultants for the Aluminum Industry

To stay ahead in the competitive aluminum industry, you need aluminum price and market intelligence, expert analysis and actionable insights you can trust. HARBOR Aluminum helps even the most sophisticated industry player.

Contact us for key strategic support in the form of:

  • Aluminum Market Studies: Up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate market mapping and outlook studies for a wide range of aluminum products including P1020, purity, billet, PFA, slab, wire rod, bauxite, alumina, extrusions, FRP and scrap.

  • Aluminum Sourcing Studies: We’ll help you find the best deals and sources of primary, scrap, secondary aluminum metal units, raw materials like alumina, ALF3 and carbon as well as aluminum sheet, plate or foil.

  • Asset Competitiveness: Get detailed intelligence on the production cost for all the aluminum smelters, bauxite mines and alumina refineries.

Upstream Aluminum Services

We have strategic information that can help any upstream aluminum concern, with detailed information about every bauxite mine, alumina refinery, aluminum smelter, recycling facility, and rolling mill. With our reports, you receive regular updates on the status of aluminum mills, smelters, refineries and mines that are most relevant to your business.

Downstream Aluminum Services

We are an invaluable source of aluminum intelligence to the transportation, construction, food and beverage industries. With our detailed industry insights and market research, we help them stay on top of the ever-changing aluminum market. With HARBOR, global companies know exactly where and when to get their aluminum.

Why HARBOR Aluminum for Aluminum Consulting?

There’s a reason we are known as the Aluminum Authority. As an aluminum consulting firm, we have delivered meticulous, detailed research for decades. Using our years of industry expertise, we now offer insight on sustainability in the aluminum industry and green aluminum initiatives focused the world's first Green/Low Carbon Aluminum Assessments to help our clients lower their environmental impact across the entire value chain. With HARBOR, you get daily outlook reports, longer-term price forecasts and specific strategic information.

The more data, intelligence and understanding, the better your chance to be successful in the market. With the right aluminum market intelligence from HARBOR, you can learn about critical market shifts and price forecasts as they happen, so you can act ahead of the competition.

Get an edge on the aluminum market with Harbor Aluminum. To get started, complete your subscription inquiry or contact us today.



Market Studies
Market mapping and outlook studies on bauxite, alumina, primary aluminum (P1020, purity, billet, PFA, slab and wire rod), scrap, FRP and extrusions.
Sourcing Consulting
Procuring aluminum metal units, scrap and raw materials (alumina, ALF3 and carbon).
Asset Competitiveness
Production cost intelligence by stage of production on every bauxite mine, alumina refinery and aluminum smelter in the world.

Jorge Vazquez is the world’s most sought-after aluminum expert for legal disputes, arbitration cases and government hearings. Mr. Vazquez has been an advisor to the US Senate (Carl Levin and John McCain), US Department of Justice, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Defense, US International Trade Commission and the Canadian Trade Tribunal on matters related to the aluminum industry. Jorge Vazquez is the only aluminum market expert that has ever been invited to testify on matters related to the aluminum market before the US Senate.

Expert Witness Work. Jorge Vazquez