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Aluminum Price Forecast

HARBOR Aluminum is ranked the world’s best aluminum price forecaster so far in this decade. We were also ranked as the world’s most accurate forecaster in ´01, ´02 and ´06, and were among the top three in ´03 and ´08.

Aluminum price forecasts are only valuable when exhaustive aluminum market and price research is behind them. Nobody has a crystal ball and no analyst will always fully understands the aluminum market. However, we believe doing the homework always leads to an informative understanding of the market and relatively accurate aluminum price forecasts. We believe the key to good forecasting depends on how well you do the homework. Using this operating philosophy and our rigorous analysis process we produce a portfolio of proven reports:

Aluminum Price Forecasts 2023

Aluminum Price Forecasts 2024

Aluminum Price Forecasts 2025

Why Aluminum Price Forecasting Is Important

Aluminum price forecasting is an indispensable strategic tool. Consumers and producers need to understand the market so they can plan their budgets using well-reasoned aluminum price forecasts, and implement strategies accordingly. At HARBOR ALUMINUM intelligence, we constantly sharpen our aluminum price forecasting models and calibrate our market underlying assumptions the to fullest extent.

Our robust aluminum price forecasts not only include our own analysis of the available intelligence, but also incorporate the most reasonable market views from the world’s most recognized analysts. Market participants see the aluminum world from different angles and with different eyes. That’s why HARBOR ALUMINUM intelligence analysts track, understand and include these views into its own aluminum price forecasts. It’s the combination our views alongside the differing market views that make our aluminum price forecasts so powerful.

It’s all about the aluminum market outlook Analysis, reports and publications are useless if they don’t translate into accurate aluminum price forecasting, if they are not communicated to users at the right time and if they are not flexible enough to incorporate unexpected market developments. Our pricing intelligence reports are always centered on the outlook and how it translates into concrete aluminum price forecasts and delivered as soon as they are relevant and available.

The bottom line is that HARBOR Aluminum understands that our clients need aluminum price forecasts based on exhaustive aluminum market analysis and intelligence, as well as on the relevant views of the world’s best market analysts. We are not prophets, but we are expert, focused analysts committed to providing the most accurate aluminum price forecasts in the world.

Our aluminum market intelligence reports contain our annual price forecasts for the next five years, under three different scenarios and various currencies with monthly forecasts for the next 12 months. Our publications also include other analysts’ price forecasts and their accuracy rankings for consideration. We provide primary aluminum, regional premiums, aluminum alloys and aluminum scrap prices.