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Aluminum Consulting for Raw Materials Suppliers

Aluminum is an in-demand material with applications across many industries. Because this metal does not occur naturally, companies in the aluminum supplier industry refine raw materials to produce it. 

For aluminum producers and suppliers who want to enhance their operations and stay on top of market shifts, HARBOR Aluminum offers exceptional consulting services.

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The Aluminum Production Process

The manufacturing of aluminum happens through several processes that raw material companies specialize in:

1. Bauxite Mining

Bauxite ore is the world's primary source of aluminum. It is formed from a reddish-colored clay material that is typically found in tropical and subtropical areas, usually near the uppermost level of the terrain. To mine bauxite, workers use special equipment to cut layers off the surface. 

Today, the raw aluminum industry prioritizes conservation efforts for bauxite mining, with many companies reusing stored topsoil to replenish the land after mining.

2. Alumina Refining

Bauxite is made primarily of aluminum oxide, also known as alumina. To extract alumina from bauxite, most refineries use the Bayer process, which involves heating and dissolving the bauxite particles. After this process, alumina emerges in the form of a fine white powder that looks much like sugar.

3. Alumina Smelting

Alumina is smelted using the Hall-Héroult process to produce aluminum. This operation entails dissolving alumina through an electrolyzed molten cryolite bath, which occurs in a carbon-lined pot.

The Raw Aluminum Industry Today

The demand for aluminum continues to grow in many industries, including packaging, construction, electronics, automotive, aerospace and numerous others. This growth keeps the need for raw materials high, so aluminum suppliers are continually seeking ways to increase their production. 

In light of the modern push for sustainable production methods, many raw aluminum companies also focus on environmental efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling and reusing materials, which helps lower production costs as well. 

Consulting for Aluminum Suppliers and Manufacturers

Aluminum suppliers and manufacturers are in an excellent position to benefit from a growing market. With the help of expert consulting services from HARBOR Aluminum, your company will gain a competitive edge. 

We offer an extensive selection of valuable data, including:

  • Market studies: Get all the latest outlook projections and market mapping information for your raw aluminum products.

  • Sourcing: Connect to the buyers who are looking for the raw aluminum products that your company generates.

  • Competitive data: Access intelligence on production costs for other aluminum smelters, alumina refineries and bauxite mines.

  • Pricing information: Find out all of the current and historical aluminum pricing data. 

HARBOR Aluminum is a marketing intelligence firm solely focused on aluminum. We publish more aluminum market prices and cover more geographical regions than any other marketing intelligence company. As the Aluminum Authority, we always provide you with the latest and most accurate industry data available. 

We also offer several daily, weekly and monthly industry reports through a subscription to help you stay ahead of the curve. Learn more about our subscription and pricing options online or contact us today to find more information about our consulting services.

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