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Short-Term Alumina Price Rally Seen. SET TO LOSE STEAM


Australian alumina fob spot prices have bounced... % to a three-month high of $... per mton, buoyed by higher alumina prices in China given significant smelting restarts in the south.

The short-term alumina price upside is seen as limited since world alumina oversupply conditions are set to intensify ahead amid an anticipated alumina production boom in Asia. China, India, and Indonesia aim to...

HARBOR expects a medium-term downward trend to prevail for Australia’s alumina fob spot prices and sees respective alumina spot prices averaging roughly $... per mton in 2023 (...% lower y/y) and about $... per mton in 2024 (... % y/y from 2022 average levels of $... per mton).


Temporarily tighter market conditions props up bauxite price. Chinese domestic bauxite prices up to about $... per mton amid halted operation in Henan on land rectification measures.

Guinea’s rainy season restrained some shipments. Seasonal disruptions in Guinea’s...