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Forecasts and Latest on Premiums (March 28, 2023)

1. ALERT! – US BILLET. CONTRACTUAL UPCHARGE FALLS FURTHER: 2023 US billet contractual upcharge falls to... cent/lb (From March 24).

2. ALERT! - US PFA. PLUNGE: US and Mexico PFA spot upcharges gap down to as low as.. cent/lb (From March 23).

3. ALERT! - EUROPE WIRE ROD. SOFTENING: European EC rod spot premiums weaken on supply competition (From March 23).

4. ALERT! – EUROPEAN BILLET. DEMAND WEAKENING AGAIN: European billet spot premiums unchanged, underlying demand contraction continues (From March 24).  To see our full European Billet Market Intel and Premiums assessment, please subscribe to HARBOR’s specialized European Billet Intelligence Report.