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Roaring Chinese Production, ROW to Expand the Most in a Decade

  1. In April, world primary aluminum production hit new all-time highs of... million mton.
  2. Chinese smelters in Yunnan completed... million mtpy of capacity restarts/ramp-ups amid improving hydroelectricity supply and attractive smelting profitability.
  3. Western World’s production was... after being hit by European smelting cutbacks.
  4. However, ROW’s smelting production is set H2 2022 and 2023 on... mtpy of smelting restarts in the Americas (most of it in Brazil) South Asia ramping up... mtpy of new capacity and Russia another... mtpy.
  5. Cost inflationary pressures have eased, as alumina and energy prices...
  6. ROW’s primary aluminum production on track to... by most in a decade in...
  7. World supply to... as smelters also... secondary production.