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Aluminum in Transportation

A variety of sectors use aluminum, including construction, packaging, food and beverage and the transportation industry. The automotive, aviation and aerospace markets have driven the aluminum industry over the past 50 years — particularly automotive and aviation aluminum.

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Applications of Aluminum in Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace

Aluminum in cars is a massive and growing industry. Automakers use more and more aluminum instead of steel. Why build cars from aluminum? One of the benefits of aluminum vehicles is that they are lightweight. In fact, aluminum can be 40 percent lighter than steel. Lighter cars require less fuel — reducing a vehicle's weight by 15 percent can reduce fuel usage by up to 20 percent.

The same idea applies to aluminum for airplanes. By using aluminum alloys, you can create a lighter aircraft. Commercial airplane manufacturers use lightweight aluminum to help reduce jet fuel expenses. Today, up to 80 percent of commercial planes are made of aluminum.

Many parts of spacecraft are made from aluminum. Examples include the body of a space shuttle, the antenna of the Hubble telescope and the solid-fuel rocket boosters.

Aluminum Market Intelligence and Insights for Transportation

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