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Aluminum for the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry uses aluminum for its versatile and protective properties. In this growing and competitive industry, aluminum cans provide the high-quality, cost-effective packaging solution that you are looking for. At HARBOR Aluminum, we provide you with crucial aluminum can pricing and market insights that will help keep your costs low and increase your profits. 

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Trends in the Aluminum Can Beverage Market

Beverages are the fastest-growing segment of the global aluminum cans market. Aluminum cans are easy to handle, cost-effective, high-strength and highly resistant to corrosion. They have high reflectivity to light and heat. Aluminum cans are also easily recyclable and able to preserve the flavor and quality of their contents. Due to these factors, many companies see them as the perfect solution for beverage packaging.

Each year, the United States aluminum industry recycles billions of used aluminum beverage cans. Aluminum cans are recycled at higher rates than any other beverage container and at more than twice the rate of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. 

Globally, the growth of the aluminum can market can be attributed to an inclination toward canned food and an increase in the disposable income of consumers. The market is projected to reach 55.31 billion by 2026, with a value of 42.05 billion USD in 2020.

High Recyclability of Aluminum Cans Is Expected to Drive the Market

Producers and manufacturers worldwide are becoming more conscious about the types of packaging materials they're using. Growing environmental concerns are a driving factor in decisions.

Major elements influencing consumer demand include the impact of plastics on the environment, global warming and diminishing natural resources. More and more, consumers are turning toward packaging products that cause lower environmental impact or none at all. While the demand for recycled products is growing, consumers are staying away from plastics.

One of the key factors influencing the consumption of aluminum cans is their recyclability. Aluminum cans are almost 100% recyclable, and aluminum metal cans are one of the most recycled units of packaging across the world.

Aluminum Applications for Canned Beverages

Aluminum cans are ideal for protecting beverages like beer, hard seltzer, cider, soda, energy drinks and juice. Benefits of using aluminum for canned beverages include:

1. Preservation of Taste 

Aluminum cans block light and air, which helps extend the shelf life of the beverage and preserve its flavor. Other beverage packaging materials like plastic are not opaque or airtight. 

2. Lightweight 

Containers made of aluminum are efficient to produce, ship, store and display because they are light and stackable.

3. Durability

Aluminum cans are strong and can withstand the pressure required to package carbonated beverages. They can also withstand impact and resist breakage during transport, in contrast to fragile glass bottles. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant and will not rust. Aluminum cans have high barrier properties and can be transported across more considerable distances than other materials.

4. Convenience 

Consumers can easily and safely transport beverages in aluminum cans for enjoyment on the go. Aluminum cans are stackable and resistant to rough handling and transportation. They possess hermetically sealed covers and are easily recyclable, allowing brands to transport and package more beverages using less material. 

5. Temperature control

Aluminum cans chill faster than other beverage packaging materials.

6. Sustainability

Recycling aluminum will save you money while also reducing your environmental impact. Aluminum cans can be fully recycled and reused infinite times in a "closed-loop" process, which means they will not end up in a landfill. Most cans contain as much as 70% recycled content, which is more than three times the amount found in plastic or glass bottles.  Aluminum cans' recyclability makes them the preferred packaging type for brands across a wide range of industries, ahead of other materials like paper and plastic. 

7. Ease of branding

Aluminum cans are ideal for brands because they are easy to print on and provide exceptional color reproduction. Aluminum is also a naturally shiny, eye-catching material, which helps the cans stand out on the shelves. Many brands are on the lookout for materials that are easy to customize, making aluminum that much more attractive in the beverage market.

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HARBOR Aluminum offers aluminum can consulting to breweries, soft drink manufacturers and any other beverage business that uses this type of container. We provide you with up-to-date aluminum pricing information, market intelligence, expert analysis and actionable insights that you can rely on to help your business stay ahead of the curve. Our consulting services include:

Aluminum market studies: We provide comprehensive and current market mapping and studies for all kinds of aluminum products.

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Asset competitiveness: We supply production cost intelligence for all alumina refineries, bauxite mines and aluminum smelters in the world.

You can also subscribe to our daily, weekly and monthly industry and market reports to receive time-sensitive alerts to your mobile device, keeping your company fully prepared to benefit from shifts in the market.

HARBOR is the Aluminum Authority. We have decades of experience delivering meticulously detailed aluminum information to our clients, and we are the only market intelligence firm that specializes in this material. With our expertise, we provide you with the most accurate pricing and industry data and forecasting. 

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