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  • HARBOR Aluminum

    The best source of aluminum intelligence, period.

    Danny Fischer, Trading Manager, Kataman Metals

  • Walid Al Attar, Chief Marketing Officer, Emirates Global Aluminium

    HARBOR's industry knowledge and relationships gives them a sixth sense to forecast industry challenges unlike the traditional way.

    Walid Al Attar, Chief Marketing Officer, Emirates Global Aluminium

  • Tim Weiner, Global Commodity Risk Manager, MillerCoors

    HARBOR's expertise and integrity brings the aluminum world together.

    Tim Weiner, Global Commodity Risk Manager, MillerCoors

  • Nick Madden,  SPV & Chief Supply Chain Officer Novelis In.

    HARBOR has valuable industry intelligence given its unparalleled network of contacts and clients.

    Nick Madden, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Excellence, Novelis Inc.

  • Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development Alumina LTH

    HARBOR provides insightful analysis on alumina and bauxite markets with a strategic focus.

    Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development Alumina LTH

  • Marcel Brinkhof, Buyer, Southwire Company

    America runs on HARBOR!

    Marcel Brinkhof, Buyer, Southwire Company

Aluminum Market Research & Analysis

Aluminum prices & premiums
HARBOR's research assesses over 150 different aluminum prices and product premiums in all major consumer countries around the globe — more aluminum product prices than any other journalistic or consulting group in the world. Our aluminum prices and premiums are collected directly from the field and assessed by market experts that each have decades of experience in the aluminum industry. Our aluminum price research and analysis cover all of the major global aluminum exchanges including the LME and the Midwest Aluminum Exchange.
Market outlook & aluminum price forecasts
HARBOR offers a clear and candid qualitative and quantitative analysis of the competitive landscape of the aluminum industry and its various markets. We provide our clients with valuable intelligence and data on the forces and players that move the aluminum industry, as well as detailed aluminum prices and industry forecasts. Whether you are an aluminum end-user, producer, merchant, investor or regulator, our industry data, market insight, outlook and forecasts will provide you with a strategic edge on the aluminum market.
At HARBOR, we help even the most sophisticated industry players navigate the global aluminum market. Our years of aluminum industry expertise provide incomparable field intelligence, privileged market data and industry insight. As an authority in aluminum consulting, HARBOR provides in-depth market studies on aluminum products, comprehensive sourcing and procurement strategies, and detailed intelligence of aluminum production costs and asset competitiveness. Get an edge on the competition with our aluminum consulting service.
Expert witness work.
As a global leader in market intelligence and research, HARBOR is the world's most sought-after firm for arbitration cases and legal disputes in the aluminum industry. With years of experience, our expert witness services cover several aluminum submarkets including everything from primary aluminum to secondary and scrap. Knowledge and privileged perspective that comes from years of aluminum industry specialization.
A testament of who we are. The world's largest and most strategic aluminum gathering. Every year. June. Chicago, IL, USA.