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Weekly Aluminum Premiums Report

Our weekly executive summary offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the most significant developments in the global aluminum market. Our report provides valuable insights into HARBOR's premium assessments, highlighting movements and analysis by region for key premiums such as 1020, purity, and VAP premiums.

Information Included in the Premiums Report

With a focus on providing relevant intelligence to executives and decision-makers in the aluminum industry, our report is designed to keep you up to date on the latest premium developments. Our concise format delivers key information in a quick and easy-to-read manner, allowing you to stay informed and make timely decisions.

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We take pride in our in-depth analysis and expertise in the aluminum market, providing you with accurate and reliable information to help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you're looking to stay up to date on premium assessments, or seeking insights into regional developments and trends, our executive summary has the information you need to make informed decisions.