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LME price falls to low of $... per mton while LME contango reaches decade highs; US billet upcharge for 2023 falls to a low of... c/lb


1. LME Cash price tested a fresh three-month low of $... per mton, further approaching HARBOR’s $... per mton target zone.

2. China’s aluminum prices regain some ground after testing a two-month low.

3. ALERT! – US BILLET. UPCHARGE FALLS FURTHER: 2023 US billet contractual upcharge reaches a low of... cent/lb.

4. ALERT! -EUROPE PFA. NARROWS: European PFA spot premium range narrows to $... per mton.

5. UPDATE! – WORLD SMELTING PRODUCTION COST. DOWNTREND CONTINUES: World aluminum production costs fall further.

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6. RERUN: ALERT! - MEXICO SCRAP. NOT GETTING BETTER: Reliable homes for scrap units in the Mexican market remain scarce. UBCs, old cast, and extrusion scrap widely available in the market.

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7. LME Cash–3M contango widens above $... per mton, a new 15-year high amid ample metal availability.