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LME price falls back to three-week lows; Mexico’s billet premium falls to near-record-lows of $... per mton


1. LME price down again as short-term technical support levels continue to be tested.

2. China’s aluminum price stuck near two-week lows.

3. ALERT & UPDATE! – MEXICO BILLET PREMIUMS. NEAR RECORD LOWS: Mexico’s Veracruz billet premium falls to as low as $...

4. ALERT! – BRAZIL ALUMINUM. NO SIGNS OF IMPROVEMENT: Brazil's bearish market extends into Q1 2024.

5. ALERT! – ALUMINA. SURPLUS WILL WIDEN DESPITE CURTAILMENT: Alcoa to fully idle Kwinana alumina refinery in Australia.

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6. LME Cash-3M contango still wide, remains supportive of cash-and-carry deals.