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Aluminum Merchants

From consumer to industrial goods, aluminum plays a large role in manufacturing processes to create reliable products. The aluminum market consists of several submarkets with different groups responsible for various aspects of material circulation, including aluminum merchants. HARBOR Aluminum Intelligence provides consulting for aluminum merchants and their investment decisions.

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Aluminum Merchant Industry Explained

Aluminum merchants sell aluminum to manufacturers, which connects them to several industries. Aluminum is diverse, lightweight, durable and recyclable, making it a popular material in many sectors. This metal is valuable to:

  • Industrial operations

  • Architecture and construction

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Electrical

Merchants may work with one or more industries. They must understand the material's value and how to make it accessible to manufacturers without losing money. Merchants have the delicate task of working with producers, often mines, to be a middleman to manufacturers. This responsibility requires an intelligent investment strategy and a good eye for reliable suppliers.

With the aluminum market changing all the time, merchants need to be ready for sudden value changes and reorientation of investments.

What Do Aluminum Merchants Do?

With aluminum being such a valued substance in various industries, merchants play an important role. They're responsible for regulating manufacturers' supply chains by providing their materials. 

A producer will mine bauxite, process the material into alumina and run it through an aluminum smelter. Producers are often merchants, but not always. From here, merchants give the aluminum value and trade it with consumers. These consumers are usually manufacturing companies that plan on using aluminum for various applications, like extrusion.

While merchants can determine the cost of the aluminum they're trading, the overall value depends on the market. Consulting services can help aluminum merchants answer the question of market value.

Consulting for Aluminum Merchants

Merchants are in control of their aluminum value to some extent. If you trade it for too much compared to other available prices, you won't attract as many customers. If you sell it for too little, you risk losing a profit and running out of supply. 

HARBOR provides consulting services to aluminum merchants so they understand the aluminum market and the value of their products. When you have access to global aluminum prices, you can be competitive with other producers and sellers. With our knowledge of the market and its associated submarkets, we provide intelligence for better sales and greater success. We can identify producers and buyers for your business goals and provide in-depth investment strategies for your operation.

Our team also projects market changes over time, giving you the opportunity to make proactive business plans. Change your aluminum prices with the market and watch your returns increase.

Work With HARBOR for Aluminum Merchants Consulting

At HARBOR, we understand the aluminum supply chain on a global scale, and we are reliable experts in the international market. We provide accurate and comprehensive industry data as well as trustworthy consulting services. To learn more about our services for aluminum merchants, contact us today.

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