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LME price falls to one-week lows after SHFE reopens with losses


1. LME price extends decline below $... per mton with stronger trading volumes, ongoing demand concerns, and key economic data to be released later this week.

2. China’s aluminum prices resume trading with losses; six-month trading range prevails.

3. RERUN: SPECIAL ANALYSIS! Q&A: The recent LME price spike and our view of what’s ahead.

For more details, please see HARBOR Special Analysis “Q&A: The Recent LME Price Spike and Our View of What’s Ahead” released last Friday.

4. ALERT! – EUROPE SLAB. SOFT Q1: European slab demand subdued at the start of the year.

5. LME Cash–3M contango continues to approach break-even levels for cash-and-carry deals.