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LME price ends week at HARBOR’s forecasted zone as more metal enters LME warehouses


1. LME price holds near five-month lows, still testing HARBOR’s forecasted $... per mton zone. Prices below $... per mton are seen possible but unsustainable for now.

2. China’s aluminum prices unable to sustain rebound; end the week near two-month lows.

3. RERUN: ALERT! – LME PRICE. ARB REOPENS: Plunging LME prices reopen arbitrage to export P1020 to China, LME supportive.

For more details, please see HARBOR’s “Alert! – LME Price” released yesterday.

4. ALERT! – EUROPEAN BILLET. RANGE WIDENS: European Q2 and spot premiums fall back to $... per mton on the low end but inch higher on high end.

To see our full European Billet Market Intel and Premiums assessment, subscribe to HARBOR’s specialized “European Billet Intelligence” reports.

5. ALERT! – EUROPEAN SCRAP. STILL WEAK: D226 prices unchanged at three-month lows, twitch prices follow suit.

For more details, subscribe to HARBOR’s specialized “Europe Scrap Intelligence” reports.

6. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR. Governments step up efforts to accelerate the Green Revolution.

Europe proposes a Net-Zero Industry Act, supportive for green technologies and clean-energy transition. For more details, subscribe to HARBOR’s specialized “Green Aluminum Monitor” reports.

7. ALERT! – US SCRAP. Finding homes has become challenging.

For more details, subscribe to HARBOR’s specialized “US and Mexico Aluminum Scrap Intelligence” reports.

8. LME Cash–3M contango narrows while inventory inflows continue to support loose nearby spreads.