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LME price up amid expected range-trading mode; European PFA and Brazil’s P1020 premium decline extends


1. LME price at fresh one-week highs as range-trading continues; technical resistance expected around $... per mton.

2. China’s aluminum price stuck near four-week lows.

3. ALERT! – EUROPEAN PFA. $... PER MTON. European full spot PFA premiums decline to as low as $... per mton.

4. ALERT! – BRAZIL ALUMINUM. DECADE’S LOWS: Brazil’s P1020 duty-paid premiums decline to as low as $... per mton.

5. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR. MORE SCRAP RECYCLING: Primary smelters advance efforts to open recycling capacity.

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6. ALERT! – NEW BARE US 6063 SCRAP. STEADY: Thin supply stabilizes 6063 scrap spreads.

Scrap discounts held in place by slowing generation. For more details, subscribe to HARBOR’s specialized “US and Mexico Aluminum Scrap Intelligence” report.

7. LME Cash-3M and far-end contangos remain unsupportive for cash-and-carry deals (bearish for P1020 premiums).