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LME price continues to fall; European P1020 spot premiums inch up further


1. LME price slips to $2,235 per mton.

2. China’s aluminum price down to new one-week lows as alumina correction unfolds.

3. ALERT! – EUROPE P1020. SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTIONS BITE: European P1020 premiums increase further as transportation costs spike.

4. ALERT! – US BILLET. IMPORTS RECORD FALL: US billet oversupply impacts offshore suppliers the most.

5. UPDATE! – PRODUCTION COSTS. FOR WORLD SMELTING. TWO-MONTH HIGH: World Primary Aluminum Production Costs Up.

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6. ALERT! – US OLD SHEET. RESTOCKING: Mill-grade old sheet starts January tighter.

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7. Far-end LME contango widens to decade-highs amid ample and growing metal availability.