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LME Cash prices down and below $...per mton; EU proposes restricting imports of Russian-origin aluminum wire rod


1. LME Cash price down to a nearly three-week low of $... per mton amid contracting demand conditions and bearish medium-term technical indicators.

2. China’s aluminum price falls near four-week lows.

3. ALERT! – EUROPE ALUMINUM. EXCLUDING P1020 & VAPs: EU Commission proposes restricting imports of aluminum wire rod, extrusions, and foil from Russia.

4. SPECIAL ALERT & ANALYSIS! – GREEN ALUMINUM. US CARBON TAX PROPOSAL: US Senator Proposes Fee on US Imports of Carbon-Intensive Aluminum Products.

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5. ALERT! – US UBC. STOCKING UP: UBC buyers tighten spreads going into winter.

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6. LME Cash-3M contango loosens further to one-month highs.