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Alunorte is a step closer to resuming full production capacity; still no official timeline


Alunorte and Brazil's federal prosecutors' office (Ministério Público) have agreed to have an independent expert assess if the reports from SEMAS and the University of Campina Grande (which concluded Hydro's Alunorte alumina refinery in Brazil can safely operate at full production) meet technical terms and relevant rules. If the independent assessment supports SEMAS and the University of Campina Grande's report conclusions, the Ministério Público will make a petition to the Federal Court confirming it does not oppose lifting Alunorte's production embargo. The independent assessment should be concluded in April, and a conciliatory hearing between Hydro and the Ministério Público has been scheduled by the Federal Court for April 4. However, there is still no official timeline for the Federal Court to make a final decision.

More details in full report.