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Aluminum Intelligence Report


Our executive analysis of the aluminum market provides a detailed landscape of the industry, including insights into key drivers and stakeholders. We delve into the most relevant trends in the market, while also offering forecasts for price, demand, supply, production costs, and market balance for up to five years.

Our comprehensive report is broken down by country, providing a detailed analysis of each market's unique factors and how they contribute to the global aluminum industry. By examining each country's supply chain, we identify key players in the market and how their actions impact the industry as a whole.

Information Included in the Intelligence Report

A must-have intelligence report for those that consider aluminum key for their business. This report includes an executive analysis of:

  • Aluminum raw material costs
  • Production trends
  • Country and sector demand
  • Downstream markets
  • Secondary industry
  • Visible and invisible inventories
  • Financial flows

Request a Sample Report from HARBOR

Get annual forecasts for up to five years of aluminum demand and production by region, country and smelter, detailed primary and semi aluminum output expansions, and market balance per region and key country. You'll also receive monthly and annual LME, SHFE, regional physical premiums, and secondary price forecasts for up to five years under different currencies and scenarios. Designed with an executive easy-to-read format and our go-as-deep-as-you-want style, it provides all the relevant and latest aluminum market intelligence you need to make timely, informed and objective decisions.