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All-time record highs reached by US Billet and MW spot premiums; LME prices at $... per mton


1. LME prices up and shy of Thursday’s 35-month intraday high.

2. SHFE aluminum price rebounds, attempting to consolidate above multiyear resistance of... yuan per mton.

3. US MW PREMIUM ALERT. ALL-TIME RECORD HIGH: MW P1020 spot gaps up to... cent/lb to fully reflect replacement costs.

4. US BILLET ALERT. NEW HIGH: Billet spot premiums spike to... cent/lb.

5. SCANDIUM ALERT! NEW BRAND ANNOUNCED: Rusal presents ScAlution, new brand for aluminum alloys.

6. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR: Inert-anode technology, the third pillar behind decarbonization?

7. LME April–May backwardation intensifies; Cash–3M contango narrows to six-week lows.

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