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Downgrading demand on Chinese semis exports and scrap availability
Abstract: ROW’s primary aluminum demand has been weakened by booming Chinese exports of aluminum semis and increased scrap availability in the US...

More LME Vlissingen Cancelations Needed to Avoid Decline in Premiums During 2015
Abstract: We see P1020 aluminum premiums falling gradually in 2015 and 2016, but reaching...

Downgrading 2015 forecasts on deteriorating fundamentals and sentiment
Abstract: LME 3M aluminum prices in short term downward trend. Aluminum prices have fallen over 4% in the last month...

Alumina’s Cost of Production Down to Near Record-Lows; Profitability at an 8-Year High
Abstract: World’s alumina production costs have declined amid: a) Lower energy prices (coal, natural gas and fuel oil), b) Lower caustic soda costs in Asia and the US, c) Lower bauxite costs in ROW (almost entirely offset by higher bauxite prices for Chinese bauxite importers though), and d) new lower-cost alumina refineries starting production in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia and China (alumina refineries with captive bauxite mines). We expect production costs to remain low mainly in a context of depressed energy prices.

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