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LME prices stuck below $... per mton; MW premium still at,,, cent/lb amid absent spot activity


1. LME prices fell slightly as short-term range-trading continues; prices have yet to complete a technical top formation.

2. China’s aluminum prices remain stuck near technical support levels.

3. US MW PREMIUM ALERT. MW PREMIUM UNCHANGED: HARBOR’s MW premium still at... cent/lb amid lack of confirmed spot transactions, bearish pressure remains.

4. US BILLET & SLAB ALERT. HARDENER SURCHARGE: Spike in hardener prices translate into surcharges.

5. RERUN: US ROLLING MILL ALERT. US cansheet tightens further.

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6. RERUN: US SECONDARY SCRAP ALERT. Secondaries looking for prompt scrap.

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7. LME Cash-3M backwardation fades as February loosens; December–January backwardation still steep.

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