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US exempts Canada conditional of a Hard Quota; Aluar restarts primary aluminum production


1. LME aluminum prices remain within a short-term trading range of $1,770–$1,800 per mton.

2. US MW PREIMIUM ALERT. Canada gets Exemption in Exchange for Hard Quota; What About the MW Premium?

3. US BILLET ALERT. Shawinigan Aluminum to build 30 kmton of secondary billet capacity in Canada by early 2021.

4. ARGENTINA ALUMINUM UPDATE. Aluar to restart.. kmtpy of smelting capacity idled earlier in the pandemic, increasing capacity utilization initially to... % from... %.

5. Cash–3M contango approaches five-year highs, remains attractive for financing deals (limiting the availability of prompt P1020 units).

6. HARBOR’s Green Aluminum Upcharge assessed at zero.

7. US TWITCH ALERT. Twitch prices up to 54 cent/lb as regional tightness intensifies. For more details, please subscribe to our specialized US & Mexico Weekly Scrap Report.

8. China’s aluminum prices test two-week highs amid upbeat economic data.

More details in full report.