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LME prices up as US manufacturing activity booms; US billet upcharge jumps


1. LME bullish momentum continues, raising the odds of a new leg up toward $... per mton.

2. BULLISH 2021 START: US billet premiums jump to as high as... c/lb.

3. CME MW duty-paid premium financials increase further, we see more upside toward... cent/lb.

4. LME Jan–Feb backwardation eases but Cash–3M contango remains considerably tight (bearish for global premiums).

5. US A356 WHEEL SCRAP ALERT. FIGHTING FOR SCRAP WHEEL UNITS: A356 scrap supply is hard to come by. For more details, please subscribe to our specialized US and Mexico Aluminum Scrap Intelligence Report

6. US BILLET ALERT. EXTRUSION COMPANY ADCQUIRED: Astro Shapes bought by Monomoy Capital.

7. China’s aluminum prices rise but remain near a six-week low.

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