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LME prices fall near $... target; US billet upcharge falls to zero (all-time record low); OEMs cut production


Executive Summary

1. LME PRICE UPDATE. Aluminum LME prices nearly reach below $... per mton, but consumer buying steps in. Losses are likely to resume tomorrow as technicals and fundamentals continue to target $... per mton.

2. US BILLET UPDATE. US spot billet upcharge plummets to zero.

3. US SFA ALERT. Honda announces the first auto production shutdown in North America amid COVID-19 demand impact.

4. CME MW duty-paid financials for H2 2020 plunge to six-week lows of... cent/lb.

5. LME Cash-3M contango and longer-term spreads continue widening as consumer hedging activity continues.

6. China’s aluminum prices reach our ultimate downward target of... yuan per mton, falling below fundamental support levels.

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