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LME prices at 19-month highs; Southern European P1020 premiums rise; US UBC prices at two-year high


1. Ongoing LME price rally continues and sets new 19-month highs, closing the session 4%below HARBOR’s target zone of $... per mton.

2. EUROPEAN P1020 ALERT. Southern European P1020 spot premiums increase further as logistics continue to be affected.

3. US UBC ALERT. UBC prices at two-year highs, but discounts are narrowing. For more details, please subscribe to our specialized US and Mexico Aluminum Scrap Intelligence Report.

4. HARBOR’s Green Aluminum Upcharge assessed at zero.

5. LME longer-term spreads narrow, but Cash–3M contango remains near one-month highs.

6. China’s aluminum prices rally to a new three-year high.

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