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LME prices down toward $... per mton; Fed to remove stimulus in a faster fashion; LME backwardation dissipates (P1020 premium supportive)

1. LME prices fell back toward the low end of the $... per mton prevailing range amid mounting Chinese demand concerns and fresh LME inventory buildups.

2. China’s aluminum prices down from a two-week high; technical resistance prevails.

3. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR: HalZero technology could produce carbon-free aluminum by 2030.

For details, please see our “Green Aluminum Monitor” released earlier today.

4. US SLAB ALERT. SLAB IMPORTS GROWING: Offshore imports reach record and set to triple in 2022.

5. LME Cash‑3M contango widens to a five-week high, more LME deliveries expected.

More details in full report.