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LME prices soar back above $... per mton, MW premium rallies to a 23-month high of... cent/lb


1. US MW PREMIUM ALERT. UP BUT STILL BELOW REPLACEMENT COSTS. MW P1020 spot premium rallies to... cent/lb.

2. LME PRICE UPDATE. Prices soar by 3.9% and close above $... per mton.

3. China’s aluminum prices bounce back toward a recent nine-year high of... yuan per mton.

4. CHINA ALUMINUM UPDATE. ENERGY CONTROLS IN CHINA: Inner Mongolia aluminum projects could be impacted.

5. RUSSIAN ALUMINUM ALERT. NON-EVENT: New US sanctions against Russian officials not connected to aluminum market.

6. EUROPEAN ROLLING MILL ALERT. MUCH LESS THAN PORTRAYED: Oman-Turkey to pay less than... % of preliminary countervailing duties. For more details, please subscribe to our specialized Aluminum Rolled Products Intelligence Report.

7. LME Cash–3M contango narrows sharply, as backwardation ahead of March intensifies to double digits again.

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