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LME prices plummet back below key resistance level; MW premium financials above... cent/lb


1. LME PRICE ALERT. CHINA NOT HAPPY WITH HIGH PRICES: LME prices fall on rumors China will release stockpiles.

2. LME prices down from 33-month highs, continue to trade within our expected $... per mton resistance zone.

3. China's aluminum prices plunge and test one-month low below... yuan per mton.

4. SURPASSING... CENT/LB: CME MW premium financials spike to new two-year highs.

5. LME Cash–3M contango remains supportive of cash-and-carry deals amid loose conditions ahead of May.

6. EUROPE GREEN PFA ALERT. FURTHER ADOPTION: Ronal Groupand Alcoa sign Green PFA contract.

7. EUROPE WIRE ROD UPDATE. BULLISH SETUP: EC rod premiums set to rally amid production declines and strong demand.

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