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LME price stuck around $... per mton amid declining volume; Spanish truckers’ strike impacting scrap and secondary markets

1. LME prices range-trade amid low and declining volume.

2. LME Cash–3M contango widens sharply as the backwardation ahead of June dissipates.

3. China’s aluminum prices continue to find resistance at previous multiweek highs.

4. RERUN: EUROPE SLAB UPDATE. IRREPLACEABLE: Russian slab units are the most difficult to replace, if possible.

For more details, please see HARBOR’s “European Slab Update” released on Friday, March 25.

5. RERUN: EUROPEAN SCRAP ALERT. LOGISTICS CRISIS: Spanish truckers’ strike impacting scrap and secondary markets.

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6. RERUN: US SECONDARY UPDATE. Record secondary scrap to ingot margin.

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