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LME price falls amid demand concerns and lower oil prices; Novelis planning... mtpy of rolling mill expansions around the world including... mtpy in the US


1. LME prices fall amid demand concerns and oil price fall.

2. China’s aluminum prices continue to face selling pressure.

3. ALERT! – WORLD ROLLING MILL. NUMEROUS MILL EXPANSIONS COMING: Hindalco plans for Novelis to expand its rolling mill capacity around the world by... mtpy, including... mtpy in the US.

4. EUROPEAN P1020 ALERT. LOGISTICS STRESS BITES FURTHER: European P1020 premiums rise to new record highs.

5. EUROPEAN BILLET ALERT. UNCHANGED BUT TENSE: Spot billet premiums remain unchanged; market tension persists.

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6. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR: Smelters expand super green aluminum supply.

For more details, please see HARBOR’s “Green Aluminum Monitor” released earlier today.

7. LME Cash–3M contango narrows to one-week low, as LME inventory availability tightens.