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LME prices down and threatening to break below $1,700 per mton; Japanese aluminum demand to contract in 2019

Executive Summary

1. LME PRICE UPDATE. Prices to fall further if $1,745-per-mton-support fails; new leg down below $1,700 per mton could be unleashed before the end of this week.

LME 3M aluminum prices closed the session at $1,746 per mton, down 0.8% or $14 per mton from yesterday. Aluminum underperformed against oil prices and most of the base metals complex amid: a) bearish market sentiment toward aluminum (as we advised yesterday amid fresh multi-year lows in US primary producer equity prices), b) a 20 kmton inflow into South Korean LME warehouses; and c) deteriorating short-term technical indicators. If support fails at $1,745 per mton, a new leg down would target $1,680–$1,550 per mton.

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2. JAPAN ALUMINUM UPDATE. Japanese aluminum mill products output grew in July but still accumulated a steep year-to-date decline.

In July, production of aluminum mill products by Japanese producers grew by 0.6% y/y, returning to annual expansion territory for the first time since December 2017. Nevertheless, year to date, domestic production still contracted by 3.9% y/y, as: a) production of extruded products fell by 2.9% y/y; b) production of flat-rolled products contracted by 4.4% y/y; and c) imports of aluminum mill products are booming and growing at double-digit annual rates. HARBOR estimates that Japanese primary aluminum consumption fell by 4.2% y/y in H1 2019.

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3. SMELTING PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS. World smelting profitability improves further on declining costs; most Chinese smelters make money.

In ROW (Western World), around 96% of primary aluminum operating capacity is now profitable on a cash basis (August), up from 94% at the start of the year. In China, around 86% of primary aluminum operating capacity is now profitable on a cash basis (August), up sharply from 32% at the start of the year. The biggest driver behind improved world smelting profitability has to do with a sharp decline in production costs. In this context, ROW's primary aluminum production is set to expand by the most ever in the history of the aluminum industry.

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4. LME Cash–3M contango loosens to a one-week high as the curve steepens from September to December.

The Cash–3M contango widened to a one-week high of $31.00 per mton from $28.25 per mton yesterday, remaining supportive for spot premiums around the world. Both the September–October and October–November contangos widened to respective record-wide marks of $10.00 per mton and $9.75 per mton (from yesterday’s $9.25 and $8.75 per mton).

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5. China’s aluminum prices firm up amid fresh buying activity.

Prices closed higher for the first time in a week, up 0.3% at 14,290 yuan per mton ($1,765 per mton, excluding VAT) and extended gains in after-hours trading until testing levels near 14,350 yuan per mton ($1,772 per mton, excluding VAT). SHFE aluminum open interest (number of open futures contracts) increased today to an eighteen-month high (up by 2.5%), suggesting that funds continued to step in. Nonetheless, if prices fail to extend gains above a ten-month high reached last week, speculators could be prompted to take profits out of recently established long positions.

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