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LME prices end week inside previous cycle’s peak zone; European spot premiums at new highs


SPECIAL NOTE: Due to HARBOR’s 13th Aluminum Outlook Summit in Chicago next week, HARBOR’s Daily Commentary will not be published on September 6–10, 2021.

1. LME price closes inside ten-year old peak zone ($... per mton).

2. SHFE aluminum prices hold near fourteen-year highs.

3. EUROPE SLAB ALERT.INTERESTED IN SLABS: China looking for slabs in the Middle East and Europe.

4. EUROPEAN P1020 UPDATE. RISE CONTINUES: European P1020 premiums reach as high as $...

5. EUROPEAN BILLET UPDATE. AS HIGH AS $... per mton: Q1 2022 contract premiums spike to a record high of $... per mton; spot premiums reach $... per mton.

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6. EUROPEAN SCRAP MARKET. SLIGHLY UP: Secondary ingot and scrap prices up after summer break.

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7. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR: Renewable energy among the preferred options to go green.

For more details, please see our “Green Aluminum Monitor” released earlier today.

8. LME Cash–3M contango widens to a six-week high; LME 3M–15M backwardation intensifies on producer selling.

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