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LME price bounces up amid speculative buying; European PFA demand seen improving ahead


1. LME price rebounds as speculators buy more but prices continue to trade below multi-month highs reached two weeks ago.

2. China’s aluminum prices up, testing the upper end of the six-month trading range.

3. ALERT! – EUROPE PFA. TURNING POINT? European PFA consumer demand improving, while industry optimistic.

4. ALERT! – BRAZIL ALUMINUM. SELF-SUFFICIENT. Brazil duty-free aluminum import quota cancelled.

5. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR. Recycling optimization in the aluminum wire market.

Green upcharges in the wire market remain the highest among primary aluminum value-add products. For more details, please subscribe to HARBOR’s specialized “Green Aluminum Monitor Report.”

6. LME Cash–3M contango narrows to one-week lows, below break-even levels for cash-and-carry deals