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LME price up and above trading range; European P1020 premiums firm up


1. ALERT! – LME PRICE. LME price rallies to fresh seven-month highs amid weekly increase of $.... per mton or... %, awaiting breakout confirmation next week.

2. China’s aluminum price rebound toward two-week highs.

3. RERUN: ALERT! – EUROPEAN P1020. FIRMS UP: European P1020 duty-paid premiums inch up on the low end of range.

4. ALERT! – BRAZIL. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC: Brazil’s spot P1020 and billet demand remain subdued; billet market mood is improving.

5. ALERT! – US ROLLING MILL. UNDER STRESS: Challenging start of the year for the North American flat-rolled products market.

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6. ALERT! – US SCRAP. UBC discounts widen above... cent/lb amid rallying MWTP.

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7. ALERT! – EUROPEAN SCRAP. SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT: Demand picks up a bit as market resumes activity, prices trade sideways.

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8. LME Cash–3M contango narrowed to two-week lows, near break-even levels for cash and carry deals.