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LME price rallies and re-enters $... per mton target zone; European Foundry spot premiums weaken


1. LME prices bounce back strongly and re-enter the $2,700–$2,800 per mton zone.

2. China’s aluminum prices bounce back to six-week highs.

3. EUROPE PFA ALERT. YEAR-END WEAKNESS: Full spot PFA premiums retrace to $800–$930 per mton.

4. RERUN. US PFA ALERT. TEMPORARY WEAKNESS: US PFA imports decline as semiconductor shortage bites.

5. RERUN. US BILLET ALERT. SHORT SPOT-ON BEARISH VIEWS: Spot market quiet; demand may return early 2022.

6. LME Cash‑3M contango remains P1020 premium supportive; nearby short squeeze not over yet.

More details in full report.