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LME price holds inside expected support zone; European billet demand in contraction mode


1. LME prices up marginally today but down 3.8% w/w. Technically, interim support remains in place at $2,300–$2,350 per mton.

2. China’s aluminum prices unchanged around technical support levels.

3. EUROPEAN BILLET ALERT. FREE FALL: European billet demand plummeting as extruders see order declines of 50%–60% y/y.

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4. EUROPEAN SCRAP ALERT. FROZEN: Scrap and secondary ingot business halted amid poor demand visibility.

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5. US PFA ALERT. MUTED: US PFA spot upcharge unchanged.

6. US ROLLING MILL ALERT. CIRCUMVENTION INQUIRY: US launches anti-circumvention investigation on foil imports from Thailand and South Korea.

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7. US SCRAP ALERT. EXPORTING: Some scrap items finding better demand abroad.

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8. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR: Green and Super Green Billet Momentum.

For more details and additional green initiatives, please see HARBOR’s Green Aluminum Monitor released earlier today.

9. LME Cash–3M contango widens to one-week high; far end contango widens.