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LME price still trading around HARBOR’s $... per mton target; European and US billet markets weaken further


NOTE: HARBOR’s Daily Aluminum Commentary will not be published on Monday, May 29, due to Memorial Day holiday in the US and a Bank holiday in the UK.

1. LME price continues to trade near seven-month lows, at the low end of our identified $... per mton short-term range.

2. China’s aluminum prices remain at the low end of the ten-month-old trading range.

3. ALERT! – US BILLET. ANOTHER LONG MATING SEASON AHEAD: US contracting extrusion demand leading extruders to consider delaying 2024 billet negotiations.

4. ALERT! – EUROPEAN BILLET. WEAKENING SPIRAL: Q3 contractual premium falls, and price differences between suppliers narrow further.

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5. ALERT! – EUROPEAN P1020. LONG BEARISH PAUSE: European P1020 premiums continue trading sideways, bearish pressure intensifies.

6. ALERT! – EUROPE SCRAP AND SECONDARY. HALTED: Poor demand causes production halts and falling scrap prices.

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7. GREEN ALUMINUM MONITOR. New Marketplace for Super Green Metals.

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8. LME Cash-3M backwardation eases, but nearby tightness remains nearly the steepest in one year (bearish for P1020 premiums).