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NO OTHER OPTION: Booming US Cansheet Demand Boosts Imports & Exemptions

1. North American aluminum cansheet demand is expected to grow... % in 2020 and... % in 2021 amid the Aluminum Can Revolution 2.0 that has been boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. To meet booming demand, can makers have rushed to invest in US capacity to bring on in excess of... billion cans by the end of 2021, bringing total can capacity to... billion cans, up from... billion cans in 2019.

3. DOMESTIC SUPPLY WILL FALL SHORT. North American cansheet supply is expected to increase only... % in 2020.

4. The growth in North American cansheet demand can only be satisfied by increased offshore imports. Imports into North America have increased by... % so far 2020; and will need to increase by... % in 2021.

5. Cansheet tightness in the Western World has positioned China as the only marginal supplier left to fill the need for growing imports.