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World Smelting Profitability Jumps, Production to Reach All-Time Record this Quarter


  1. World primary aluminum production is set to reach all-time highs as soon as this quarter,...

  2. Chinese ramp-ups in Yunnan continue to lead the recovery; ROW ́s production rebound nears amid improved profitability. 

  3. Smelting profitability jumps in China and ROW amid higher prices. 

  4. “Fixing” the “Canadian problem” by the US re-imposition of a Section 232 Tariff on Canadian unalloyed aluminum has fully...

  5. HARBOR expects ROW’s primary aluminum production to grow... y/y in 2020 and... y/y in 2021. We expect Chinese production to grow... in 2020 and... in 2021.

  6. ROW’s production could result to be higher than expect on possible US restarts and cancelation of a smelter shut down in Spain. 


More details in full report.