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Alumina & Bauxite Consulting

In the fast-paced aluminum market, it's critical to get an edge over the competition. Start with the aluminum raw materials consultants at HARBOR Aluminum. As the Aluminum Authority, we are the alumina and bauxite market consulting firm you need for market intelligence and industry insights.

Bauxite Mining Consultants

Every piece of aluminum starts in a bauxite mine, usually in Australia, Guinea, India, Brazil or China. Bauxite producers mine over 160 million metric tons of bauxite every year. At HARBOR, we know where every one of those tons comes from. Members of our team observe every bauxite mine in the world, so you get information directly from the field.

Alumina Production and Refining Consultants

Bauxite becomes alumina at a variety of refineries throughout the world, usually through a method called the Bayer process. For alumna refining consulting, turn to HARBOR Aluminum — we have eyes on every alumina producer.

Why HARBOR Aluminum for Alumina and Bauxite Consulting Services?

With HARBOR as your alumina or bauxite consultancy, you have someone on the ground floor of every aluminum producing operation in the world. In addition to keeping track of every bauxite mine and alumina refinery, we monitor every smelter that turns that alumina into aluminum.

We offer quarterly cost curve intelligence reports for the most up-to-date industry production economics for any bauxite mine, alumina refinery or smelter. We supply you with monthly intelligence reports on bauxite reserves, alumina production, output costs, demand and prices. If your business depends on the raw materials of aluminum, this information will prove invaluable.

HARBOR is the Aluminum Authority. Our decades of experience extends across the aluminum production line, from the bauxite mine to the finished product. To get started, contact us with a subscription inquiry today.