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LME price down on technical selling;... % of US smelting capacity at imminent risk of closure


1. LME price remains stuck below $... per mton amid demand outlook concerns and technical selling.

2. SPECIAL ALERT! – US ALUMINUM SMELTING... % of US smelting capacity at imminent risk of closure.

3. US MW PREMIUM ALERT. The US has raised tariffs on aluminum imports from Russia to... % from... %, effective 30 days from now. Aluminum product details subject to these new tariffs have not been announced yet. The impact would be immaterial for the MW premium but could be considerably bullish for spot billet, PFA, and slab premiums.

4. RERUN: HARBOR FIRST – US ROLLING MILL ALERT. Heineken Mexico to build can plant.

5. China’s aluminum prices cap gains at... yuan per mton.

6. LME Cash–3M contango eases slightly from two-week highs; far end contangos widen to new sixteen-month highs.