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LME prices up above $... per mton; 2022 PFA negotiations on hold amid spike in silicon prices

PFA (A356.2) ALERT.

1. LME prices climb 3% on easing fears of a Chinese credit crisis. Prices remain inside their all-time high trading range of $... per mton.

2. SHFE aluminum prices resume trading with upward momentum.

3. PFA (A356.2) ALERT. 2022 PFA NEGOTIATIONS ON HOLD: More PFA suppliers looking to include silicon price index in 2022 contracts.

4. EUROPEAN BILLET UPDATE. BULLISH STRIKE: San Ciprian labor strike is set to start on Monday September 27 and further tighten the European billet market.

5. LME Cash-3M contango tightens toward two-week low as December backwardation steepens.

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